About Ramona

Hi, I’m Ramona, and I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself.

I’m a lifelong native of Louisville, KY. I live today in the same house my parents raised me in, run my business from the same garage they ran their business from, and shop at the same stores I’ve shopped at since I was a kid.

As a transgender woman, I’ve discovered the love and acceptance that this community can show. I’ve been transitioning since mid-2017, and never once have I been discriminated against.

I’ve been a hard working member of the working class for 15 years, and have owned my own business for 4.

In that time, I’ve been close to poverty. I’ve had failures. But I’ve also had successes. I’ve had opportunities. My business grew out of a passing interest and developed in a completely different direction than I’d originally envisioned it. But that’s okay.

I believe strongly in supporting the working class, and uniting people together by our common goals. For too long, people have been allowed and even encouraged to divide ourselves in order to make it easier for others to control us. I propose and end to those times.

I want to strengthen our community, and empower the people who live and work in this area. 

I want to strengthen unions in the state, by overturning right-to-work legislation and other laws that limit the ability for workers to unionize. I want to protect all workers and propose a new bill of worker’s rights, so that workers can feel as if their government is working for them, not the corporations.

I want to strengthen our public schools, first by protecting our teachers from the vicious assault on their pensions, and then by getting their classrooms the funding they so desperately need, and by overturning the disastrous legislation allowing for-profit charter schools to operate in this state.

I want to help the underprivileged; the homeless man, the child going hungry, the disenfranchised, the tired, and the poor.

I can only do that with your help.